Asian Elephant – Elephants are an essential icon that is cultural Asia.

Asian Elephant – Elephants are an essential icon that is cultural Asia.

Relating to Hindu mythology, the gods (deva) in addition to demons (asura) churned the oceans in a seek out the elixir of life so they would be immortal. Because they did therefore, nine jewels surfaced, certainly one of that has been the elephant. In Hinduism, the deity that is powerful before all sacred rituals could be the elephant-headed Lord Ganesha, who’s also referred to as the Remover of hurdles.

Asian elephants are really sociable, forming sets of six to seven associated females which are led by the oldest female, the matriarch. These groups occasionally join others to form herds, although these associations are relatively transient like african elephants.

A lot more than two thirds of a day that is elephant’s be invested feeding on grasses, but considerable amounts of tree bark, origins, leaves and tiny stems will also be consumed. Cultivated crops such as for instance bananas, rice and sugarcane are favorite meals. Elephants are constantly near to a supply of fresh water simply because they need certainly to take in at least one time every day.

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Singapore takes a step that is important protecting species from unlawful wildlife trade.

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